whoa... this is complicated... settin up these accounts... been at it for like an hour... blah... anyway... so whats up with me?? what to write in a journal?? not sure really, i guess stuff that happened that day?? or since this is a first entry should i bring people up to speed with where i am in my life?? hmmm... ok i'll give a lil update... been living in san fran for 2 years now, i'm working at a train leasing company as a temp.. and taking classes... (i really need to discipline myself into studying). i've been smoking too much weed lately for some reason... i need to get that under control... at least during the week... right now it's me, nick, jonny, and mike living in our apt... joey d. might move in with us early next year... not sure how i feel about it, only down-side is the loss of the spare room... i've been dating alice for like 5 months now... she's pretty awesome... she's the nicest girl i've ever met... but i think im kind of withdrawn or emotionally retarded... prolly cuz of cindy... shes been talking to me again... she's hooked up with her best guy friend now... just like i said she would be... i think all the drama between me and cindy is fucking me up... makin me afraid of getting close or some shit... who knows... went off on a tangent... anyway, im taking accounting class right now... see how it goes... see if i can get into it... i'm really lacking things that im into these days... im really not even into video games lately... ok, so this isnt really like a journal... more of a rambling session... but i'll get better i reckon... ive still been workin out a bit, pullups and pushups only really... oh, i've been riding my bike to work (at GATX) most of the time lately... and eileen told me today that they're trying to get me hired permanently... bah... thats enough... im goin to bed, got physics lab in the morn'


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