bad first impression... i just wrote a SHITLOAD of stuff in this damn thing, hit update and the mofo tells me i gotta validate my email address... so i hit the back button... and voila! its gone... well i said something to the effect of: since im just starting this thing i need to bring the readers up to speed with where things are at in my life... i'm goin to school (accounting class at the moment), working at GATX as a temp, hopefully fulltime soon... i'm dating alice right now, shes totally awesome... shes like the nicest person ive ever met... oh, and the cindy is calling me again; side note, she's dating her best guy friend just like i said she would... unfortunately for some crazy reason i kind of miss her... but wont let myself go back to her... i've been burned too many times... anyway... ive made friends with some ppl at work, namely wendy, i watch her dog nikita sometimes, and i've made pretty good friends with a girl named claudia... she's pretty cool... for a girl... oh, i just realized i should prolly go farther back in the update... i moved here (san fran) from jersey 2 years ago, 2 years before that (4 years ago) i had just ended my 4 year stint in the army as a finance specialist. right now im living with nick, jonny, and mike... ok, i cant write no more... hopefully i'll update this thing regularly...


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