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blah blah crap crap

ok, so i suck at this whole journal thing, i think its been over a month since my first entry. well i guess nothing too exciting has happened since then. i'm still seeing alice, she rocks by the way. theo is still alive and has been sleeping on my throw pillow next to my bed... nick is still in NJ and just told me that he's staying there for good... which makes more sense than coming back here anyway... i got this focus group tonite... if i go play some video game for 4 hours they'll pay me $50... but that's after working here (i'm at work right now) for like 7 hours... bah... oh, i saw The Grudge this weekend... it totally scared the crap out of me... i screamed like a girl a few times... and alice's hands kept gettin all sweaty when she got scared... ok, im gonna surf the web and look for plane tickets to go back to NJ for xmas time... gotta try to bring theo home with me too...