Friday, January 7, 2005

see... i suck at keeping a journal...

ok, i think my last post was in like october... i could easily look and see exactly when, but that's way too much work... speaking of which, i'm at work right now... listening to CCR on the cd player/radio/alarm thing that sue gave me for xmas... i just spent a good 11 days in the NJ for the holidays, which in my opinion was too long... next time will be for about 5-7 daysish... people work, or have their own lives nowadays... even danni was always out... if she could pry herself off of the computer for more than 5 minutes... i'm still dating alice, still working at GATX, still going to City college, speaking of which, i need to take another class... i've been feeling like somethings missing lately... like i need a career change maybe... or some other major change in my life... maybe move out like i've been thinking of doing... but the only real reason i'd move is to not live with a slob... bah!! anyway... im still waiting to get hired permanently at GATX... maybe i'll send Eileen an email today asking whats up with that... oh, and i've been making outrageous claims that something "catastrophic" (to quote yetim from earlier today) is gonna happen this year (2005)... i'm hoping its something involving aliens or zombies... or both... but i dont think thats gonna be it... it'll prolly be something lame like a comet or earthquake... and dont get me wrong, i dont WANT this to happen... well maybe i want the alien thing to happen... but i dont want any kind of massive destruction and death... i just have some weird feeling... ok, im starting to sound like a lunatic... ok, hopefully when i hit the enter button this will post...


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