the dreaded laugh-talker...

oh no!!! 2 entries in one day!! what's going on here?!?!?
anyway, i feel the need to vent to my journal about the laugh-talker... she's one of those people that when i hear her i grit my teeth... i almost feel bad about how much i loathe her, since i'm sure she's a nice person, behind that sinister laugh-talk of hers!!
so, what's her deal you ask?? what makes one a laugh-talker?? i'll tell you! it's quite simple really, and the name is very indicative of what it is... she talks whilst laughing, it's hard to explain in type... but it's something like this:

random person: hey laugh-talker, what's new?
laugh-talker: ha-ha-not-ha much-hahaha
random person: nice, what'd you do this weekend?
laugh-talker: he-he-i went-ho-ha to the ha-ha-movies-he-ho

i'm not exagerating, she does this obnoxious laugh-talk for no god-damn reason!! i mean, the things she's laugh-talking about aren't even in the realm of funny... and she always visits this one office right outside my cubicle... and i usually walk away from my desk or turn up my radio... done venting..


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