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Dream -last night

man... this is so typical, as soon as i decide to start blogging my dreams i either don't remember them at all or i remember a 2 second snip-it... so anyway, last night i know i had a dream that took place in a bar in mexico and involved burt reynolds... i remember his face looking like he had wayyy too much plastic-surgery... and i remember going into my jacket pocket to get my camera and getting that panicked feeling that i lost it :( but pulling out my camera phone to snap a quick photo of us with the burt... i'll come back and update this if i remember anymore...

Dream (old) 03/28/2004

starts with me & grandparents at some outdoor church. we start heading home, grandma is movin' fast and gets out of view... i run ahead to find her, but i can't, then i lose gramps too... shit gets all weird now, there's a talking bunny that's getting electrocuted, some axel foley (beverly hills cop) looking dude getting arrested, some headless guy sitting in a car... then all of a sudden i'm back living at my grandparents house, we have a golden retriever, it's sitting on my lap and starts to spazz out & tries to bite me, it's body is stiff and motionless, just it's jaws are slamming shut trying to bite me... my dad refuses to help, he's standing in the next room with one hand on the wall trying to vomit... i look out the window for help and see some strange looking little girl, she smiles and has this bizarre looking 2 rows of teeth (like a shark)... next thing i know me, nick and jonny are upstairs with these 2 spanish broads

Dream (old) 07/01/2005

The Larry David dream: This one took place in front of my grandparents house in Nutley. So there was this HUGE tree in front of the house (that isn't really there) and a larger than normal telephone pole with a couple of levels of wires on it. Also in the immediate area are a few random buffalo, just sittin' around chilling... they really have no part in this dream except as decoration. Then Larry David comes out of nowhere to climb the ginormous tree, and before you know it there's a crowd gathered to watch Larry conquer the tree. He gets really high up in the tree, and then slips and falls out of the tree from about 30 feet up, a fall that should have hurt him really badly... but he just landed on his feet and was perfectly fine. He then turned around and began ascending the tree again, going higher than before. This time he slipped again and managed to fall onto the telephone pole, landing safely on a metal bar that held some of the wires in place. When he landed a

Dream (old) 02/04/2003

The buffy dream: It starts off with a whole crew of us in a huge super market, and all of the sudden all the lights start to go out, people start flipping out and everyone runs for the door, which is about the only area that is still lit. i kinda freeze for a minute trying to realize whats goin on, when i see mike, who is about 50 feet away, take a real bad spill while running full speed, after he slams his head he slides across the floor about 6 feet and hits the wall where he lay unconscious. before i could reach him someone else starts to shake him to revive him, and hes back on his feet (slightly groggy) in a few seconds. by this time im right next to him and i throw his right arm over my shoulder (crutch style) and we flee the supermarket together... when we get outside we're heading down a car ramp and pass up some guy thats chained to the side of a railing, and topless when we reach the bottom we see some kind of creature off in the shadows (in the direction we need to go)

Dream (old) 10/08/2001

so i decided i'm gonna start logging my dreams whenever i remember them... so i figured i'd post some of my old dreams that i happened to write down in notepad, the only reason i wrote these down was because i seemed to remember almost every detail, and that they're kind of crazy... anyway... The X-men dream: i dreamt that i was in gramps house with jean grey and another x-chick.. they had knife fight and came after me... i escaped downstairs and headed for the door, and unlocked it... mike was right behind me... i picked up a pillow to block the knife jean threw at mikes back, which i did. we made it outside and little kids tried to get us to take them with us... but it was a trap, so we ran. when we got outside there were lots of cars... we decided to head to my car but as we got closer i noticed someone sitting in the drivers seat... so we got in some passing car... we went to the mall. at this point i became wolverine and mike was nightcrawler, in the ma

the buster...

so i feel the need to blog the fact that the blockbuster store on geary @ 17th ave (in SF) has a ridiculous amount of crappy/awesome horror movies... i'm not sure half of them are sci-fi channel original movies... but everytime i go there i see new terrible horror movies... but there was one i saw yesterday that shall be rented soon, probably when nick comes out here in a few weeks... i think it was just called "the gingerbread man" starring gary busey... which of course stars a killer gingerbread man... like an actual man-sized cookie... killing people... i really should find out who runs this store, so i can shake his hand... or marry her if it's a girl...