Dream (old) 02/04/2003

The buffy dream:
It starts off with a whole crew of us in a huge super market, and all of the sudden all the lights start to go out, people start flipping out and everyone runs for the door, which is about the only area that is still lit. i kinda freeze for a minute trying to realize whats goin on, when i see mike, who is about 50 feet away, take a real bad spill while running full speed, after he slams his head he slides across the floor about 6 feet and hits the wall where he lay unconscious. before i could reach him someone else starts to shake him to revive him, and hes back on his feet (slightly groggy) in a few seconds. by this time im right next to him and i throw his right arm over my shoulder (crutch style) and we flee the supermarket together... when we get outside we're heading down a car ramp and pass up some guy thats chained to the side of a railing, and topless when we reach the bottom we see some kind of creature off in the shadows (in the direction we need to go) so we turn around and start running back up the ramp, and at this time for some reason mike is completely unconscious and im basically dragging him. while making our way back up i keep looking back to see where the "demon" is, and before i know it its right behind us, big claws, teeth, and all... ok, now im not proud of this at all... but i had to think fast and i decided to throw mike at the demon and make my escape, and i also figured he would stop to eat the chained up guy... however i realized i couldnt get back into the supermarket... and had to hide behing some wall that was about a foot tall, then the demon was standing right next to me right when i got comfortable, right before he killed me i decided to try to bargain with him, i told him that if he didnt kill me, i would let him make me into a demon and help him in killing the human race (another thing im not proud of) and this is where it got wierd for a bit... so the demon decides to go along with my idea and then poof, im in my grandparents back yard, and im not me anymore, its hard to explain what i was, i remember complaining in my dream sayin that i look like a rounder version of sponge bob... but after a few scenes i looked more like a demonic human figure again... and there were other demons in the backyard too, hangin out in the patio. it was night time and we were camping out in the back waitin for people to wander out of the house (aparently there were alot of people in there, anyway, finally one of us opened the door, and (this parts wierd too) there were these weird neon colored, football sized, ameoba looking things by the door, and the demons were acting like they were people and started yellin and eatin them... then the dream took a turn, i was a normal human again and i was in our SF house. i was in what was supposed to be my room, but for some reason it was really angel's (from buffy) room. and for some reason when i heard him aproach the room i got really scared and ran to try to hold the door closed, we wrestled with the door for a few moments but he finally forced it open and pushed me onto the bed, i threw some meaningless kicks at him, then he pulled buffy's severred head out from behind him and kackled and ran off... i was stunned and couldnt move for a moment... then i got up and decided to go after him, but first i found a wooden frame on the floor, kicked it a few times and picked up a piece to use as a stake. i began creeping down the hallway in search of him, i reached one of the ends of the hallway, where there was a bathroom, this bathroom had a foggy glass door on it, and i could tell someone was in there... so i crept up and flung the door open, and saw a stunned seth green taking a crap... i apologized and kept looking... then there was a whole bunch of stuff i don't remember... and then, i was still looking for him in the house, the entire buffy crew comes in the front door laughing and angel pulls out the severred head from his pocket, which was really just a mask... i wasnt too amused... anywho, the dream took a really wierd twist, the next thing i know im in some wierd old school foreign mask making building, where some strange foreign guy is showing me the process involved in making the mask that they fooled me with... and the machine involved alot of pullies and it looked alot like a cookie making machine or some shit...


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