Dream (old) 03/28/2004

starts with me & grandparents at some outdoor church. we start heading home, grandma is movin' fast and gets out of view... i run ahead to find her, but i can't, then i lose gramps too... shit gets all weird now, there's a talking bunny that's getting electrocuted, some axel foley (beverly hills cop) looking dude getting arrested, some headless guy sitting in a car...
then all of a sudden i'm back living at my grandparents house, we have a golden retriever, it's sitting on my lap and starts to spazz out & tries to bite me, it's body is stiff and motionless, just it's jaws are slamming shut trying to bite me... my dad refuses to help, he's standing in the next room with one hand on the wall trying to vomit... i look out the window for help and see some strange looking little girl, she smiles and has this bizarre looking 2 rows of teeth (like a shark)... next thing i know me, nick and jonny are upstairs with these 2 spanish broads (1 skinny, 1 chubby), the chubby one is a perv and keeps trying to get us to feel her boobs. we look out the window (which is level with the patio roof) and see some weird party going on, on the patio roof, with these 80's looking bikers (the guys that crashed the party in weird science) & mike is dressed as one and has a really dark tan. we head back downstairs and instead of being the gramps house we're at the longo house... sergio is there with them... and they say to us, "fill your bags with the abundance of little asian snacks"... which were actually moon-pies...


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