Dream (old) 10/08/2001

so i decided i'm gonna start logging my dreams whenever i remember them... so i figured i'd post some of my old dreams that i happened to write down in notepad, the only reason i wrote these down was because i seemed to remember almost every detail, and that they're kind of crazy... anyway...

The X-men dream:
i dreamt that i was in gramps house with jean grey and another x-chick.. they had knife fight and came after me... i escaped downstairs and headed for the door, and unlocked it... mike was right behind me... i picked up a pillow to block the knife jean threw at mikes back, which i did. we made it outside and little kids tried to get us to take them with us... but it was a trap, so we ran. when we got outside there were lots of cars... we decided to head to my car but as we got closer i noticed someone sitting in the drivers seat... so we got in some passing car... we went to the mall. at this point i became wolverine and mike was nightcrawler, in the mall in a hair salon there was a woman who looked like the oracle from matrix and she was behind the whole thing, and when we closed in on her she said teh whole mall was gonna come after us, and they did, so as to not harm the innocents nightcrawler (mike) tried to break down the door, but couldnt, so i used my claws to slash it open... we escaped outside and mike disappeared and i was no longer wolverine. however wolverine was out there dressed in a yellow rubber nuclear looking outfit, playing opposum. another yellow outfit guy came to see if he was ok, when he got close wolvie stuck his claws in his sides, letting the body fall on his and the blood to soak into his outfit. he then flipped the body over his and laid his back ontop of it, covering his back in blood. he then acted like the slain victim and crawled toward another head character in the invasion and crawled right ontop of his already laying body. he then started stroking his head very hard like a toy and when i got over there his head had a writing all over it, kind of like a map of his brain, showing what different parts do and what not... and wolvie said we could hit this one certain part and make him normal and not kill him, so i was for it. wolvies nails were semi-long and kind of sharp, so he started scratching at the mans head, which seemed like it would have been a long and painful ordeal, so i suggested that he just pop his claws and go in that way. he like my idea and stuck one of his claws deep into the mans head, the man let out a moan and dropped dead, wolvie looked at me and said "oops". and thats about it. 4:12 PM 10/8/01


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