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evil mockingbird...

oh man, i just got back from my sisters graduation... luckily the sun wasn't out (it was hot as hell), and luckily it didn't rain.. win/win... anyway, during the whole two hours that we watched from outside the fence (standing the whole time) my father didn't stop yapping/complaining, now i know why we haven't gone anywhere as a family in about 15 years... oh, and my sister went the wrong way after she got her diploma... hehehe... so anyway, there's this mockingbird in our backyard... apparently my cat attacked it about a week ago, but wasn't successful in catching it... so now almost any time my cat is in the backyard this bird will perch somewhere and squawk at him non-stop... not only that, he's been dive-bombing him, and actually clipping him in the back, he even knocked my cat off of a fence once... i'm trying to catch it on film... and i'm also trying to avenge my cat... ps- i never want to get drunk off of wine a

today's highlights

after picking up my dad from work, i had the privelege of driving him to newark to visit some old lady in a nursing home to pick up some pill(s)... don't ask... but my favorite part of my uneventful day was at dinner.. some huge fly landed on the loose plastic wrapping of the hamburger buns... so i gave it a swift backhand... it went flying, smacked my grandma in the forehead and landed on my dads paper-plate... i think it was a lot funnier since i didn't notice it hit her and she didn't really know what was going on, we both found out right after when she said (holding her head), "something just hit me in the forehead"... i just cackled...

the chainsaw massacrap!!

so last nite me, jonny and hami went to see a live performance of the texas chainsaw massacre. well, it was actually called "the chainsaw massacre", i guess to avoid any copyright infringemtents... anyway... it blew ass... big hairy ass... i went to the live performance of evil dead last year, which was actually pretty damn good... but this year the place they held it at was pretty much a warehouse... and the cocksmokers didn't even have a stage, they performed the whole thing on the floor level with us seated-folk... so of course nobody could see half of the shit going on... and the place was hot as the devil's balls... and the seats were shit too... oh and the story was half-assed and all over the place... adding in characters, making lame references to jason vorhees and freddy... it was really a painful experience that lasted about 4 hours... i feel like i got robbed of $20.


so i've decided on how i want to die... well actually it's more of a "when" than "how"... anyway... i want to die during "the apocalypse"... or some form of earth-ending event... like a meteor destroys the planet, or aliens come and exterminate us, or a super-virus eradicates us all... i've just realized that it'd be kind of comforting knowing that i'm not gonna miss anything... like there isn't gonna be any really cool movies or books or anything that i'm going to miss out on after dying... and it's kind of cooler to die off with everyone else than getting taken out by a bus or some std... and plus if most everyone else dies... i wouldn't want to be one of the handful of schleps left wandering around saying things like, "oh my god..." over and over again with one hand on top of my head; and "so much devastation...". or after a few weeks, "good god these bodies smell like shit!!!