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random thought of the day: how come people say, "i don't understand" instead of, "i overstand"...

Last nites dreams...

I had a couple of dreams last nite involving lots of soldiers... i remember the first one fairly well, it was me and a couple of friends riding around town bored... and someone (not me) thought it'd be a good idea to drive over to the army base and shoot at some soldiers, and apparently we had some handguns and rifles in the car... so we drove over there, drove straight up to the gate and started exchanging gunfire, i think i killed one guy, mainly because he was about to kill one of my friends... next thing i know we're trying to get away on foot, running down railroad tracks... but unfortunately we got surrounded by a buttload of troops and we threw our hands in the air and surrendered... and i remember saying, "i knew this wasn't a good idea"... there was even a military trial in my dream and we were all sentenced to at least 10 years in prison... the dreams was pretty realistic, i can remember the feeling i had in my gut when i realized i'

Dream -last night

so last nites dream was the first one in a long time that i've remembered any amount of detail, which isn't even that much really... anyway, i remember it started out with me and some other friends climbing around on some big mound of light-brown dirt... it was supposed to be the backyard of my families house... and the yard was huge! and there were smaller mounds on the one HUGE mound... and i think they were infested with termites... there were bugs everywhere... but that's about all i remember from that part... just hopping around and climbing on the big dirt mounds... then i remember running through some wooded area with some friends, it was either really cloudy/dark or it was twilight... not quite dark yet.. and we came to what seemed like a dried up moat, with a fence on the other side... so there was about an 8 foot drop into this dried up moat that was about 10-feet wide, then we had to climb up the other side, walk a few feet and climb over this 10-