Dream -last night

so last nites dream was the first one in a long time that i've remembered any amount of detail, which isn't even that much really...
anyway, i remember it started out with me and some other friends climbing around on some big mound of light-brown dirt... it was supposed to be the backyard of my families house... and the yard was huge! and there were smaller mounds on the one HUGE mound... and i think they were infested with termites... there were bugs everywhere... but that's about all i remember from that part... just hopping around and climbing on the big dirt mounds... then i remember running through some wooded area with some friends, it was either really cloudy/dark or it was twilight... not quite dark yet.. and we came to what seemed like a dried up moat, with a fence on the other side... so there was about an 8 foot drop into this dried up moat that was about 10-feet wide, then we had to climb up the other side, walk a few feet and climb over this 10-foot fence.. once we got over the big fence we noticed that it was slightly darker and a lot windier, and there was an ominous feel in the air... so on this side of the fence there was this abandoned grade school a little ways down from us, and there was a much smaller fence that ran perpendicular from the larger fence all the way down to the school... as we approached the school a group of small children appeared in front of us, they weren't normal though, they seemed like they were made of black smoke, but sort of solid. anyway, they were mumbling things like "go away" and "you shouldn't be here" and started coming closer to us... so i fore-armed one of them in the head... and i remember him getting really upset and me trying to tell him it was only a joke... but it was too late, and after that day i was haunted by him, and his ghost would kick me in the balls every once in a while... not cool at all. but apparently in the dream i made some kind of threat to him, like if he didn't leave me alone i'd come after him after i died... i might have even threatened him with, "i'll kill myself just so i can come fuck you up!!"... and it worked...


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