Dream -last night

it's always the realistic dreams that freak me out, not so much the dreams with floating aliens slinging fudge at waffles...
anyway, last nite i dreamt (or dreamed) that i was working late in the office, which is on the 22nd floor in downtown SF. I was looking through some paperwork with my friend wendy and some other nameless folks... and there was a real low rumbling sound that slowly started getting louder over about a 10 second period... after a few seconds we all started looking around at each other with slight concern on our faces... realizing that it sounded a lot like a large airplane, which should NOT be flying this close to the downtown area.

then there was a fairly loud crashing noise and a bit of a quake, and within a few seconds the lights flickered and everything in the room started to slide a little bit to one side, along with us people... we all realized there had been some sort of explosion and the building was falling... for some reason i wasn't panicked at all and pretty much accepted that this was the end... so i said to wendy, "we might as well go out together", so i went over to hug her as the building went down (in a purely friends type of way) and she shoved me away from her like she didn't even know me, which is possible since it was a dream...

so everything crashes and crumbles and it all goes dark... next thing i know me and wendy come to amidst the rubble, i sit up and look over at her bruised body and exclaim, "we're alive!!". then she groggily gets up and looks over and responds with, "no, i'm alive"... then i look behind me and see my limp body on the ground... apparently she was the sole survivor of the building collapse, and i guess since we were so close at my death (or some crap) she was able to see and talk to me.. from there i remember i started having all of these ghost-type thoughts... like, what now? should i travel to NJ to hang around my family? can ghosts ride on airplanes? when the plane takes off would i be left floating in the air where the plane was?? that's one far walk to NJ... and a whole lot of other crap happened after that, but it gets a bit foggy from here...

but still, i woke up really freaked out about going to work today... but the day is almost over and the building is still standing, i'm almost disappointed that my premonition didn't come true, since it means i DON'T have psychic powers... but then again, i'm still alive!! woohoo!!


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