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Dream -last night (serial-killer)

it's a bit choppy... but this is what i remember... apparently i was some sort of serial killer, and had quite a collection of bodies in my basement, and i lived in some sort of house with the lower level converted into a small diner, and i'm guessing that i killed the poor fools that decided to stop in for a bite to eat... anyway, i got caught by the fuzz, but for some reason they didn't take me to prison, they instead put me on house arrest and let me continue operating my "diner"... but there were very frequent visits from police checking up on me... and i wasn't killing anymore. a few month lapsed by and over that time i'd meet girls that i'd have interest in or try to make friends, and i'd have to tell them (because of a court-ruling) that i was a reformed serial-killer... this of course would end most conversations or short-lived friendships. but then one day i was talking to some girl that i'd been talking to for a brief p

songs to take your pants off to

is what i want to title my next music compilation... which won't be out anytime soon considering it's been about 4 years since i've made one... i guess around the time i got my first ipod... but yea, i've been keen on ending other peoples sentences with "with your pants off"... for no reason... and it usually doesn't apply or make sense... but it amuses me... with my pants off...