WTF!?!? another natural disaster dream...

OK, this is getting kinda scary.. i had another dream last night that involved a natural disaster while i was at work (i forgot to blog one recently involving a tsunami), but this time it was a dream within a dream and i was outside my building instead of in it. however, in the dream i was asleep AT WORK while having the dream (within the dream).
so i was outside of my building (but the surroundings were more like a tropical resort) and someone pointed out that there was a trail of smoke coming out of the bay, and they said, "did they just fire a missile from under the bay??". which i thought was pretty idiotic... and before i got to say that it seemed more like an asteroid/meteor crash, there was a huge explosion/rumbling sound and the water began to swell and move outward. then i had that knot-in-the-stomach feeling that you get when you know you're fucked...

-sidenote: the trail of smoke was pretty thick which seemed to indicate a large asteroid, but it seemed odd that there was such a delay (about a good 5 seconds) before any signs of impact.

anyway, i happened to be standing near a small drop-off, it was some jagged rocks that dropped about 10 feet down to a beach-like sandy area. i jumped down there thinking that the wall would shield me from the initial blast of water and if i could hold my breath long enough i might survive. after the jump down, water blasted over and around me, and it was taking a while to actually reach me, i guess the force blasting it over me was very strong, and i kept sucking in more and more air anticipating being submerged.. and right as the water was upon me is when i woke up (in the dream) in my office... i was pretty freaked out... the rest is a bit fuzzy..


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