life update...

i don't keep a blog because i presume to have a "fan-base" out there... it's more just so that years from now i can read it and get a glimpse into who i was at the time of the writings... and the other more important reason: i have a shitty memory and probably won't remember half the things that go on in my life.

so, recent crap...
-we had the strongest earthquake in almost 20 years (in the bay area) last night, it shook me up a bit (hahaha). but yea, it did get me nervous being on the sixth floor (at loren & erik's).
-i'm planning on bringing my sister out here to live with me and go to school, hopefully right after new years.
-i've been hanging out with alice (#2), erik, loren & lesley a lot lately... i guess that's our "group".
-me and 3 other guys dressed up as 4 different kurt russell's for halloween.
-i'm going to be an uncle by the end of year.
-work: same shit, but we moved to a new floor... i sit by a window now, that's exciting!
-i purchased a 40" HDTV and a PS3 recently... they give me boners...


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