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uncle tony

so my brother became a father today. it's a baby girl named sophia... she's 8lbs 6oz :) congrats lou & kim!   and she has purple hands...

saw something strange on my ride home tonite

i'm a fan of spelling it "tonite", i might be making this up, but i've been under the impression that tonite & tonight are kind of like "theater" & "theatre"... all interchangeable like... anyway, i was just riding home (in the rain) from erik & loren's place, and i just turned off of fulton onto arguello and about half way to the next block (mcallister) this taxi comes, tires screeching, hauling-ass out of mccalister (from my right side) and up arguello... backwards. and on the correct sides of the street, for the direction he was heading in reverse. he did this pretty much to the end of the block. i actually stopped and rode my bike in circles watching the whole thing, it was pretty impressive. my first thought was that he was either running from someone or chasing someone that just ran from his cab without paying. OR maybe someone just carjacked the cabbie. i was half expecting gunshots and/or the guy to try to run me down. m