sister status update

so it's been just about 3 weeks since danni arrived... so how are things going so far??good and not-so-good... on the good side: she's been going to school everyday (as far as i know) and she's made a few friends. she's also been applying to some jobs...

the bad stuff: she really only speaks when spoken to, or when she wants something, and seems to put on this whole "i'm helpless, do everything for me" act that must have been working on my parents for the past rest-of-her-life. i ask her to do something around the house like do the dishes or take out the garbage, or clean something and i usually get, "not right now" as the response. of course that translates to "no".my only other real gripe that is REALLY getting on my nerves is her listening to music or watching tv on her laptop while i'm watching tv or playing a video game... apparently it's too much for her to put on headphones for me... she really has no idea what "the real world" is... no appreciation for anything i'm doing for her... she doesn't seem to realize that i don't have to be doing this or letting her live rent-free and feeding her... yada yada yada... ok, i've vented enough...


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