i'm not getting up, just pee between my legs...

i'm sure lots of people have memories from their childhood that seem like they're "normal" occurrences, until one day you tell the story of said memory to a friend or group of friends. in some cases, as you tell the story you begin to realize, even before your friends react, that maybe you should have kept the story to yourself. it's usually at this point that you realize you've got a priceless little gem on your hands.

my little gem:
i must have been 6 or 7 and my brother around 8... he was pooping in the only bathroom at our grandparent's house. i had to pee REALLY badly, and was knocking on the door asking him to hurry up. i don't remember the details too well, but i'm guessing he just refused to hasten his pooping, most likely out of spite or pure evilness. since the door didn't lock very well i just jiggled the knob and opened the door and tried to get him to hurry (since nobody likes an audience while pooping), but this tactic didn't work either. you also have to keep in mind that we're only about 20 months apart in age and grew up bathing together, so seeing each other nude at this point wasn't a big deal. anyway, he refused to budge, and i'm sure i was making claims that i was going to pee on him if he didn't move... so this is where he said "i'm not getting up, just pee between my legs"... at that point he scooted back a bit on the toilet seat, covered his junk with his hand and spread his legs, then i took out my junk (concealed somewhat by my hand) and proceeded to whiz between his legs into the toilet.

i'm assuming that there aren't that many people out there that have ever peed between someone's legs in their lifetime, so i consider myself blessed...


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