ridiculous or genius?

i was just doing my laundry (more like yawndry...) and while i was folding my clothes this old asian man off to my side starts laying down newspapers on the ground in front of the dryers. at first i thought maybe he had to drop a mean deuce and had run out of options, or maybe he's a crazy and he's making a nest for the nite...

it turned out that i was wrong. apparently he was just laying down a protective layer so that if he dropped any clothes while taking them out of the dryer they wouldn't land on the floor. which made me realize that yea, i do kind of hate when i drop a sock and it lands on the floor, i almost feel like i've lost a battle of some sort. but at the same time i think that the laying of the protective newspaper-nest is just a bit too much. i mean, maybe i would use this technique if our laundromat (laundryworld) was in the tenderloin, or just plain nasty...

maybe if i run into that guy in the laundromat again i'll make my own little nest... and when we make eye contact i'll give him the thumbs-up... and he'll know.


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