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snowboarding hurts...

i've always wanted to try snowboarding and/or skiing, and i finally went snowboarding this past weekend. i think i did pretty well for my first time, although we pretty much stayed on the beginner slopes. the board i borrowed from alice's roommate was a bit too small , so i'm gonna go ahead and use that as an excuse for several of my falls. i landed so hard (on my ass) from one of my spills that i felt my innards jiggle. alice's friend danny hooked us up with the hotel and also coached us, since he used to be a ski/snowboard instructor. i brought my camera out and figured i'd have danny get some video of me and alice going down the slope... why not?!? so as i shoot past danny for my snowboarding video debut i had my attention on danny (to ham it up for the camera) and then i decided that i should pay some attention to where i'm going and realized i'm headed right for some dude strolling around on his skis. since i have no real skills i couldn't really

aliens are really humans from the future!!!!!! OMG!!!!!

i've obviously been watching too much sci-fi, or playing too many video-games... but if someone were to ask me where i stand on the topic of "aliens"... it kind of goes along with the movie "12 monkeys", where humanity is at the brink of extinction and resort to time travel in order to go back and find a resolution/cure to whatever is exterminating us. except in "12 monkeys" they were only traveling back from not too far into the future... the aliens that people have reportedly encountered are probably from thousands/millions of years into the future... since they're so drastically different looking. "aliens" are what we're going to evolve into... just as we've evolved from apes, we're going to evolve into short, skinny, hairless, huge-eyed, telepathic bipeds... update: i did some googling and of course this isn't a new idea.