snowboarding hurts...

i've always wanted to try snowboarding and/or skiing, and i finally went snowboarding this past weekend. i think i did pretty well for my first time, although we pretty much stayed on the beginner slopes. the board i borrowed from alice's roommate was a bit too small, so i'm gonna go ahead and use that as an excuse for several of my falls. i landed so hard (on my ass) from one of my spills that i felt my innards jiggle. alice's friend danny hooked us up with the hotel and also coached us, since he used to be a ski/snowboard instructor.

i brought my camera out and figured i'd have danny get some video of me and alice going down the slope... why not?!? so as i shoot past danny for my snowboarding video debut i had my attention on danny (to ham it up for the camera) and then i decided that i should pay some attention to where i'm going and realized i'm headed right for some dude strolling around on his skis. since i have no real skills i couldn't really turn out of the way or stop... all i could do was yell, "WHOA WHOA WHOA!!". i got so close that i slid right over his skis.


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