dream last nite... SF quake... total devastation

i had another dream last nite involving earthquakes & flooding in san francisco... this has to be about the eighth one i've had. here's what happened this time:

alice and i had just arrived at some bar/comedy-club and i set my man-bag down on a bench off to the side while we waited to be seated. i was pacing around the venue checking out the wall stuffs (i remember the interior being almost entirely red) when i felt a bit wobbly and stopped walking to see whether it was me or the ground under me that was unstable. i realized it was an earthquake and luckily i was right next to the door. i looked over and saw alice standing there looking really panicked so i called out to her, then ran over and grabbed her by the arm and fled out into the parking lot where we latched onto a fence-post. the ground was swaying for a while, it wasn't violently shaking, it seemed more like a gentle rolling. i looked over and saw the venue that we just left crumble and slide down the slope that it was built on. it's a good thing i decided NOT to run back in to get my man-bag. at this point alice was sobbing.

next thing i know i'm waking up in an apartment (in the middle of the city), which i guess was supposed to be mine, but was much nicer and had a REALLY nice view of the city, facing downtown through a very large window. unfortunately there was no downtown anymore, apparently the ocean had somehow risen significantly and there were waves crashing about 100 feet from my apartment, which was (luckily) at the top of a hill. it was one of those "oh shit" moments where you realize that something monumentally devastating has happened, and thousands of people, some of which are probably friends, have died. i remember leaving my apartment and seeing a bunch of other people walking around, all of which were in a shock induced zombie-like daze... i don't really remember anything else from here.


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