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i finally went to disneyland! i sported a sweet moustache and rotten goatee too. we got there at about 8am and didn't leave until after 6pm... it was around 85 degrees all day, and we rode on just about every ride that's worth riding... so we were all pretty much zombies by the time we left. but it was pretty damn fun... i think my favorite was space mountain, as evident by this photo:

i pooped in my trash can...

so i went to see a gastro-intestinal doctor about my increasingly annoying stomach issues. he took some blood for some tests and also wanted me to give him a stool sample... i knew he was going to make that request, but i was still dreading it. if you've never had the privilege of giving a stool sample you might wonder exactly how to go about it. for instance, do you just drop some logs in the toilet, then go at it with a knife and fork, or reach in with some gloves on?!? or maybe you just press the little cup against your butt and squeeze a little turd directly into it. it turns out that neither approach will suffice. the nuggets can't touch water, and they expressly state, "do not defecate directly into specimen cup". this was my approach: i made sure i was the only one home. i emptied my little waste basket that resides in my room and put in a new used plastic shopping bag. i took that and a t-shirt to the bathroom. i pulled my head through the neck of the shirt

the kokgoblin...

this is my last posting about spore... i promise.i just had to share this video of my most perverse creature that i've created (so far). and also, here's where you can see the tons of other creatures that have alerady been created [sporepedia] . isn't he precious?!?


i've never been much of a hypochondriac, but for some reason i have been obsessed with getting my (11) silver fillings removed from my face, and replaced with some other junk. the silver fillings are half mercury, which is pretty deadly shit. i've been doing too much reading on the internets and getting myself all scared that my teeth are killing me, so i'm talking to some fancy dentist about getting them replaced, for some peace of mind.