groundhogs day...

i think i'm stuck in some sort of timeloop. i've realized that for the past 3 days (at least) when i've left work this same guy has been parking his car in the same parking area (row of spots) in almost the same manner. and by "manner" i mean piss-poor parking job. like, backing up REALLY slowly and not quite fitting and then slowly pulling out and repeating, while the whole time blocking all the traffic behind him due to the parked trolleys in the middle of the street. it's pretty funny to watch and a pretty standard example of SF drivers. but the weird thing is that EVERY time i've left work (at different times too) i'll walk by him as his car is half out in the lane blocking traffic, like so:

crap parking if he's there again tomorrow i'm gonna freak out... or maybe i'll just get in the passenger seat.


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