not nececelery...

a few months back i accidentally said "not nececelery" instead of "not necessarily"... and ever since then i have to make a conscious effort to not say the celery, it's become a struggle.
it's not a big deal if i let it slip out if i'm with friends, i just don't want to say it around people i work with or don't know.
but i gotta say, i kind of prefer it now.
it's to the point where it actually sounds wrong when i say/hear "not necessarily".


lou Cyfer said…
for the longest time I couldnt spell necessary. then I realized it was just like spelling recess. lol
lou Cyfer said…
oh, and you always had a problem with that. When we were kids you called it "No Nececelery the News." Just like when you used to say H as "Haych"

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