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probably the best purchase of 2008 (logitech harmony 550)

this is going to sound really nerdy and probably make me seem even lazier than people already think i am... but the annual award for the best purchase of the year- 2008 goes to.............. my logitech harmony 550 universal remote!!!! if it were to make an acceptance speech it would probably be really concise, accurate and efficient. my friend from work (who i refer to as "the work turk" since he's turkish) turned me onto the idea of getting one of these fancy remotes. i've never really looked into them so i figured they just controlled all your shit with one remote... but oh no... i was wrong. the real cool shit happens after you use the software to setup all your devices and answer some questions about how you use all your junk. you setup your "activities" such as "watch tv" or "play ps3" or "listen to radio", these activites are present on the little lcd screen. so if you were to press the "watch tv" bu

my new year's resolution for 2009...

is to be more hip-hop.