the cute baby gene

i ran into my boss at the elevators while leaving work yesterday, so i was stuck walking with her for about 4 blocks until i got to my bus stop. not that i don't like my boss, i just don't feel like making chit-chat sometimes, and this was one of those times. anyway, we talked about some bullsense (i accidentally combined bullshit and nonsense yesterday) for a while then we started talking about cute animals, then cute babies, probably because i mentioned how i couldn't believe that my niece was already one. then this exchange occurred:

boss: "i think i missed the cute baby gene."
me: "you mean you weren't a cute baby?!?"
boss: ", i mean i don't find babies overly cute."

was it her poor phrasing or my idiocy? i don't know... but i felt like a dick afterward.


ullysully said…
her phrasing was misleading

lou Cyfer said…
2 points for the Sophia nod!!!!
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