comcast loves me

Last october I decided to cut off my cable, since my promotion ended and I would be paying around $100 a month for cable that I barely watch (up from about $50). so I made the move, but for whatever reason i kept on getting the signal and was told that I didn't need to bring back the cable box. Then a few weeks ago i get a call from comcast telling me i'm going to be charged $430 if I don't bring back the box. so I figured my free-ride was over. Then a few days later I get a letter from them telling me that my internet speed is being increased, and at the bottom of the letter it says something like:
"and for being such a loyal comcast customer we'd like to offer you 12 months of basic cable for free!"
So I brought back my old box and the letter with me to comcast. I gave back the old box and mentioned the offer to the 3 people behind the counter. They all looked at me like I was nuts, and then asked if I had the letter with me. So I took out the letter, which was stained with Indian food, and showed it to them. To my surprise they'd never seen or heard of this before. they had to consult a manager. After about a half hour’s worth of waiting and talking I was indeed the first person in their system to come in and claim this promotion, they think it’s because I’ve never been late on a payment in over 5 years. So I got a new cable box and requested the HD box, which will cost me $15 a month, which is the only thing i'm paying for my cable. They also had me schedule an appointment for them to turn on my cable. I actually told the girl that I’d rather they didn’t since I’ve been getting cable the whole time but she said it was required… so I sadly went along with it, figuring that when they came I’d lose all the digital channels and be stuck with booty-ass basic.
My plan was to stay home when the guy came and try and smooth talk him… but then it dawned on me to try and call Comcast and just cancel the appointment… so I did. I told them that I used to have service and when I connected my box it seemed like the service was still working… and they didn’t need to waste time sending someone. Of course I didn’t mention that I was still getting a bunch of channels I’m not paying for… so yea, I’m getting all the digital channels and HBO for free, BUT I don’t have on-demand and the guide doesn’t display what’s on… but I’m not complaining.


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