"how do you think people get things?!?" - my dad, on credit-card fraud

it was around christmas time in the year 2000, or 2001. my immediate family has never been very well off financially and there seemed to be an abundance of nieces and nephews that my parents had to buy gifts for this year. if you don't know my parents, they aren't the most law-abiding members of society... they caught wind of the fact that i had become the proud owner of a few credit cards while i was in the army.
a few weeks before xmas my dad starts joking around telling me to just buy a bunch of gifts with one of my credit cards and call the next day saying that i had lost my card... followed by, "i'm just kidding". then, about a week before xmas and after about 10 more "jokes" about cc fraud both of my parents basically start telling me that i'm going to ruin christmas if i don't commit credit card fraud. that's when my dad said, "how do you think people get things?!?", as if EVERYONE does it all the time or something. and like i was a fool for not being in the know. so yea, i did it... it went smoothly and i even got a PS2 out of it. still, the paranoia and guilt from it wasn't worth it.
oh, and then a few years later my dad opened a credit card under my name and maxed it out. luckily they only gave him (me) a $500 limit.


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