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you guys wanna smoke some bubble hash?

my friend paxton came by to pickup something that he left behind last time he was here. his bum leg has been acting up so i told him i'd just run it down to his car when he got here. he texted me when he arrived and i went down & hung out in his car for a few minutes, talking like a couple of gentlemen. i left the car door open while i sat talking about the state of his bum leg when i noticed some creepy dude staring at us from about 5 feet away at my 2 o'clock. it was kinda dark so i asked paxton "is this dude staring at us?", it took him a minute to find this sneaky fucker, as he was positioned behind a telephone pole. as paxton confirmed my query the creepy fella came over to the car. he mumbled something like, "this is such a live neighborhood we live in" (his speech was pretty erratic, as was his stature) and how he's been here for four years and he plays percussion in a band. and apparently he lives just a few doors down from me. yay. for a fe