prepare to be exploded... remotely!

i just realized that my phone has an option to display a custom message on the lock-screen. so i figured i should put a message that would be useful in the event that someone were to find my lost phone, or if some dickhole stole it. it reads:

   "If found, email; you will be handsomely rewarded...
    otherwise, the self-destruct sequence will be initiated."

sadly, i can't actually remote detonate my phone (yet), but maybe this thief is mildly retarded and doesn't know any better...    in which case they'll either throw it in a river, or return it to me. hopefully the latter. and if some good-natured individual were to find it, they'd be inclined to use the (handily available) email address to return it, for that handsome reward, which i still haven't decided on...   maybe a meatball?


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