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the most delicious dust

my friend joe told me about something strange that he used to do when he was about 4 years old... when his mother would cook spaghetti, little joey would get too hungry to wait, so she'd give him a few strands of dry pasta to tide him over, but he wasn't satisfied with just eating the pasta strands on their own. he'd go around the house and find collections of dust and use the pasta to wipe up/collect the dust as if using a tiny little squeegee...   then he'd eat the dust encrusted spaghetti strands. however, not content with the flavors of the dust he'd found, he set out to find the tastiest dust in the house (i didn't ask, but i'll pretend that this took him years to do). after further dust deposit samplings, he concluded that the most delicious dust resided on the lower shelf of the end-table next to the couch in their living room. and from then on, that was his main source of dietary dust. i can't imagine why that dust would be any tastier...   bu