midnight rat attack!

sometime in 2004...
at the time i had a bunk-bed in my room, the more mature kind, with a futon on the bottom and a mattress up top. nick and i were hanging out in my room watching movies (and probably smoking the herb) into the wee hours of the night. nick passed out on the futon section, and i climbed up and went to sleep on the upper deck.

a few hours later, asleep on my side, i feel something rubbing against my belly. half awake, i froze to see if i felt it again. there it was again!! the first thing that sprang to mind was, "oh my god! there's a rat in my bed climbing around on me!!!". so i quickly jumped up and grabbed it with my left hand and squeezed it as hard as i possibly could. the struggle between me and this monster caused the bed to sway...  nick sits up and asks in a panicked voice, "oh my god, is there an earthquake???". that's about when i realized what was attacking while i slumbered. i had fallen asleep on my right arm, causing it to go completely numb..    i was trying to kill my right hand.


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