whisky from a pickle shot-glass

rumor on the streets is that all the cool kids are doing "picklebacks", which is a shot of whisky (usually jameson or old crow) followed by a shot of pickle juice. i thought i'd take it a step further and dig a hole in a pickle and use it as the shot-glass. screw the juice, i want the whole thing! i had some freakishly small spoons laying aroud, they worked well for digging said hole in the kosher dill. i poured a little makers mark in and i took the shot...   then immediately ate the shot-glass.

sadly, it did not taste well. when i hit safeway to get the components i wasn't aware of the preferred whisky drinks, so i just got my old standby; which i'm blaming for the failure of this experiment.
i'll give this another go when i get my hands on another bottle of whisky. hopefully the outcome will be much deliciouser.


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