foot poop

about a week ago me and the roommates were watching tv in my room... during the commercials there was a product that was advertised to remove a lot of harmful toxins from your body. the way it's supposed to work: you put a big adhesive pad that has a little packet of unknown (magic) white material on the bottom of your foot and go to sleep... and BAM! you wake up in the morning feeling renewed and "toxin" free! i really love these "alternative medicine" products that get released, like those magnet therapy belts/bracelets from a few years ago... i should start collecting them and become superhuman...

so, yesterday my roommate lesley went to japantown and randomly found some japanese versions of this product, so we gave them a whirl... i slept with them on my feet last night. when i put the little pads on my feet they were white, when i woke up this morning... they were brown, kind of like a small dirty diaper. and i think it sucked out some blood!!

here's what it looked like in the morning:

foot poop

do i feel rejuvenated? not really... but my feet feel a little funny, and i have a really stiff neck (i doubt there's a connection)... our theory is that whatever is in the little packet just turns brown from mixing with foot-sweat... i can't imagine it actually sucking harmful toxins from your entire body through the soles of your feet...


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