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laser cage!!

holy crap... this is one of the best things i've stumbled across on the internet in a while... (Click the craziness if you want to go to the source)

comcast loves me

Last october I decided to cut off my cable, since my promotion ended and I would be paying around $100 a month for cable that I barely watch (up from about $50). so I made the move, but for whatever reason i kept on getting the signal and was told that I didn't need to bring back the cable box. Then a few weeks ago i get a call from comcast telling me i'm going to be charged $430 if I don't bring back the box. so I figured my free-ride was over. Then a few days later I get a letter from them telling me that my internet speed is being increased, and at the bottom of the letter it says something like: "and for being such a loyal comcast customer we'd like to offer you 12 months of basic cable for free!" So I brought back my old box and the letter with me to comcast. I gave back the old box and mentioned the offer to the 3 people behind the counter. They all looked at me like I was nuts, and then asked if I had the letter with me. So I took out the letter, which