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Dream -last night (fudge monsters)

it started out on an airplane, but it was more like a party plane... the lights were really dimmed and there was loud music and people cuttin it up on the dance floor. some guy had this crazy bright bird costume on and was doing some strange interpretive bird dance that the crowd was LOVING... also, each aisle on the plane had photos of the passengers over them, right under the overhead storage bin. strange. random. next thing i know the plane starts a rapid descent, and it seems like we're flying over london. then the plane descends into a downtown area with skyscrapers and large apartment complexes. it seems like the pilot got confused and thought he was driving a car because he was actually flying down some roads (between buildings) for a while until the wings finally got knocked off. it wasn't a violent crash though, and everyone seemed OK. by the time everyone staggered out of the plane it was already dark and we were right next to some really huge park. i couldn'

i got a holiday makeover!

gosh i hope everyone likes my new look, it's totally seasonal and festive... weeee! click the image above to see the real (animated) version and to make your own...

not nececelery...

a few months back i accidentally said "not nececelery" instead of "not necessarily"... and ever since then i have to make a conscious effort to not say the celery, it's become a struggle. it's not a big deal if i let it slip out if i'm with friends, i just don't want to say it around people i work with or don't know. but i gotta say, i kind of prefer it now. it's to the point where it actually sounds wrong when i say/hear "not necessarily".