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2-year olds LOVE rolling around in dog shit

while i was visiting family & friends in NJ i spent a good amount of my downtime getting lifted with nick. one of those occasions we decided to take his boston terrier (yuki) out for a walk. the weather was cooling off a bit and it's always nice to take a stroll in my hometown, especially in the summer when it's all lush & green. about halfway through the walk i started thinking that i was a bit too zooted to be out in public, but decided to keep going; since we probably wouldn't even interact with anyone anyway. i was wrong... we got about 2 blocks away from his house and yuki decides to take the biggest dump of her life, or so nick claims. that's about when he realized that he forgot to bring any poo-bags with him; also about the time we both realized there was some obese trashy looking woman sitting on her porch talking on the phone about 30 feet away from us. nick starts to panic as we both check our pockets for something we could use to grab this stinky/s