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so the other night audrey and i decided to go hang out at mountain lake park. it was around 10pm and since there's no lights in the park we could barely see in front of ourselves. i even got nerdy and busted out the flashlight app on my phone. as we walked it sounded like we passed a group of hooligans that were hanging out on the tennis courts. this was confirmed when we could see their iphone screens dancing around in the dark. we went over to the kiddy section, where they just recently installed a new wooden jungle gym, which we climbed all over. we found a nice spot to hang out and took a few hits from my travel pipe and a few swigs from my flask (which then went into audrey's back pocket) then we slid down the fireman's pole. we roamed over to the swings and swung for a bit before staring at the pitch-black lake for a minute. that's about when audrey realized that the flask wasn't in her back pocket anymore, we assumed it must have popped out while we were on