Dream (old) 07/01/2005

The Larry David dream:
This one took place in front of my grandparents house in Nutley. So there was this HUGE tree in front of the house (that isn't really there) and a larger than normal telephone pole with a couple of levels of wires on it. Also in the immediate area are a few random buffalo, just sittin' around chilling... they really have no part in this dream except as decoration. Then Larry David comes out of nowhere to climb the ginormous tree, and before you know it there's a crowd gathered to watch Larry conquer the tree. He gets really high up in the tree, and then slips and falls out of the tree from about 30 feet up, a fall that should have hurt him really badly... but he just landed on his feet and was perfectly fine. He then turned around and began ascending the tree again, going higher than before. This time he slipped again and managed to fall onto the telephone pole, landing safely on a metal bar that held some of the wires in place. When he landed a few of the wires snapped and sparked as they fell to the ground, causing everyone to worry about Larry's safety. Everyone started yelling for Larry to stay still and wait for help, but he wouldn't have it! He decided to grab one of the wires by his feet, yank it out and pull it over his head... getting ready to swing his way to safety. Now, when I looked up at the situation it appeared that there was way too much slack on the wire and he would just swing straight into the ground, but that's not what happened at all. So Larry, holding the wire, jumps off of the pole he was standing on and swings really really far. He swung at least 200 feet and didn't let go until the wire was at its highest point right before it began its swing backwards, which ended up being about 50 feet in the air, then landed on someones porch across the T-intersection. We all ran over to see if Larry was ok... when we got closer I could see what looked like his neck only it was stretched out about 2 feet long and it was split open with blood gushing out of it, and the rest of his body was broken and twisted, it was really grotesque and disturbing, and that's about when I woke up.


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