so i've decided on how i want to die... well actually it's more of a "when" than "how"... anyway... i want to die during "the apocalypse"... or some form of earth-ending event... like a meteor destroys the planet, or aliens come and exterminate us, or a super-virus eradicates us all... i've just realized that it'd be kind of comforting knowing that i'm not gonna miss anything... like there isn't gonna be any really cool movies or books or anything that i'm going to miss out on after dying... and it's kind of cooler to die off with everyone else than getting taken out by a bus or some std... and plus if most everyone else dies... i wouldn't want to be one of the handful of schleps left wandering around saying things like, "oh my god..." over and over again with one hand on top of my head; and "so much devastation...". or after a few weeks, "good god these bodies smell like shit!!!"


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