happy baby!!

my boss left a card on my desk for me to sign while i was at lunch. one of our coworkers (who lives in kentucky) just had a baby girl (well his wife did). so by the time the card comes to me it's been around the office and about 6 other people have written their well-wishes on it. so now all the standard entries have been made, which means I'd have to rehash one of those or try and think of something that's not TOO personal or TOO funny or TOO strange. but then again, when they read the card they won't know who wrote which entry first... so much pressure...

so my idea was to just write, "Happy Baby!!!" and sign my name... but i think that's a bit too funny (or retarded), and i'm not sure if this guy or his family have a sense of humor at all... i ended up taking the lame road and putting, "congratulations on your new addition!". weak.


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