tony's first tattoo [updated]

so i finally gone and done it... i ran out and got some ink this weekend. i've had some ideas for tattoos for years now, and not once did it ever really dawn on me that it would hurt. i mean, i'm aware that tattoos hurt, but never really thought about how much or what kind of pain. not until i was laying on the table and the artist turned on the electric needle. it was like some kind of revelation to me, like, "oh shit, this is gonna hurt". of course i had to play it cool and stay calm and act like i was fine, but i wanted to cry like a little girl. ok, it wasn't THAT bad, but there were times when i wanted to scream. i've heard (after) that the calf is a pretty tender spot, i can't compare it to any other spot yet, but i'll agree. anyway, here's the tattoo so far, i gotta go back on october 1st to get it colored. since it was my first i didn't realize it's customary to tip the artist, now i feel like a douche. i'm going back tomorrow to slip him some cash.

[UPDATE: here it is colored]

it was done by salem at picture machine tattoo. he freehand drew it on my leg (no stencil)


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