Dream -saturday night

this weekend i had a few strange dreams, sadly i only remembered chunks here and there for the most part, not really enough to write about. i just thought i'd share this one particular chunk that stuck out quite vividly:

i was in the den of my grandparent house, which is where the door to the basement is located. meanwhile in the outside world there was a zombie plague spreading like wildfire. i'm not sure who i was with, what we were doing, or what our plan was. i just know we were hunkered down in the den, hopefully formulating a plan.

then, out of nowhere a child-zombie busts open the basement door and makes a mad dash at one of us. we somehow managed to subdue him and then we did the next logical thing... we wrapped him tightly in paper-mache. surprisingly this worked really well, and he looked sort of like a zombie/mummy statue. next, it was decided that we needed to find a way to get information from our captive. although i'm not sure what we hoped to learn, other than, "ME WANT BRAAAAIIIIINS!!".

since zombies aren't all that articulate, one of us thought it would be a great idea to wad up some tissues and stick them into his nostrils. after letting the tissues stew in there for a few minutes we would remove them and decipher the meaning of the snots, as if they were egyptian hieroglyphics...   because that makes TOTAL sense.

that's about when i woke up.


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