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blah blah crap crap

ok, so i suck at this whole journal thing, i think its been over a month since my first entry. well i guess nothing too exciting has happened since then. i'm still seeing alice, she rocks by the way. theo is still alive and has been sleeping on my throw pillow next to my bed... nick is still in NJ and just told me that he's staying there for good... which makes more sense than coming back here anyway... i got this focus group tonite... if i go play some video game for 4 hours they'll pay me $50... but that's after working here (i'm at work right now) for like 7 hours... bah... oh, i saw The Grudge this weekend... it totally scared the crap out of me... i screamed like a girl a few times... and alice's hands kept gettin all sweaty when she got scared... ok, im gonna surf the web and look for plane tickets to go back to NJ for xmas time... gotta try to bring theo home with me too...


bad first impression... i just wrote a SHITLOAD of stuff in this damn thing, hit update and the mofo tells me i gotta validate my email address... so i hit the back button... and voila! its gone... well i said something to the effect of: since im just starting this thing i need to bring the readers up to speed with where things are at in my life... i'm goin to school (accounting class at the moment), working at GATX as a temp, hopefully fulltime soon... i'm dating alice right now, shes totally awesome... shes like the nicest person ive ever met... oh, and the cindy is calling me again; side note, she's dating her best guy friend just like i said she would... unfortunately for some crazy reason i kind of miss her... but wont let myself go back to her... i've been burned too many times... anyway... ive made friends with some ppl at work, namely wendy, i watch her dog nikita sometimes, and i've made pretty good friends with a girl named cla


whoa... this is complicated... settin up these accounts... been at it for like an hour... blah... anyway... so whats up with me?? what to write in a journal?? not sure really, i guess stuff that happened that day?? or since this is a first entry should i bring people up to speed with where i am in my life?? hmmm... ok i'll give a lil update... been living in san fran for 2 years now, i'm working at a train leasing company as a temp.. and taking classes... (i really need to discipline myself into studying). i've been smoking too much weed lately for some reason... i need to get that under control... at least during the week... right now it's me, nick, jonny, and mike living in our apt... joey d. might move in with us early next year... not sure how i feel about it, only down-side is the loss of the spare room... i've been dating alice for like 5 months now... she's pretty awesome... she's the nicest girl i've ever